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This is how my monthly views went from 500+ to 50k on an average

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I started my journey on medium in August 2020. That being said, I have been a writing enthusiast since, as long as I can remember and an author whose major focus was on chick lit and romance since 2016.

The past year was a year of growth and new experiences for my writing persona. I wanted to diversify my writing skills and this wanting fueled my search for platforms with an inbuilt audience. I came across medium in July, the inbuilt audience, the minimalist design and the ease of getting started here just spoke tons to me.

I took some…

These signs are majorly based on human psychology so they can be applied on the majority of people, if not all.

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Someone has recently caught your eyes. Your oxytocin level (also known as the love hormone) is rising and so are your feelings towards them. Your heart tells you to confess your feelings as soon as possible but the brain pushes this thought in the other direction.

You don’t want to get rejected by being straight forward and asking them if they feel the same for you is totally out of question.

You are confused. What should be your next step? …

#5 You don’t have to write everyday to go viral here.

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I have been writing on medium since August 2020. Not too long I know but, since that exact day I have been writing less and instead dedicating my time on learning new things about medium every single day.

Just like most of the newbies, there isn’t a single “How to go viral on medium” articles that I didn’t read. …

It’s better to eliminate undesirable traits rather than wasting time adding more desirable ones to your personality.

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When was the last time that you thought about that certain someone who has managed to woo you ? Was it a day ago? an hour ago? 5 minutes? 10 seconds? Well, you are not the first — nor the last one to do so.

It’s likely that most of the people, especially the youth in today’s time, are thinking about it as much as you.

You gush yourself thinking about, why doesn’t this attraction work on both sides and moreover what can you do to make sure it does?

But have you ever given much thought to what you…

These points will help you answer the evergreen question ‘How to tell if a girl likes you’.

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Males generally initiate mating across animal species, whereas females decide whether to accept or reject such attempts. This makes men wonder, how to tell if a girl likes you?

While other animals share this archetypal mating arrangement, ours is a little more complex. It is all psychological.

Men are expected to make the overt first move, such as greeting a lady, initiating conversation, or inviting a woman out on a date. However, women usually initiate this touch by gently indicating that such contact is acceptable. In other words, women choose when and if males are permitted to make amorous approaches.

These ideas will help you keep that Spark alive in your dates and eventually your relationship for a long time.

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First dates are meant to be unique for your partner. But no matter how much creativity you pour into making the day a hit, there’s a good chance that you may fall short while concluding the event and trying to make it a success.

Planning a date is the first but at the same time the most confusing part of the whole process. Doing the same thing over and over again is out of the question. I mean, You don’t want to keep repeating the same thing and turn it from a good thing to a straight up boring event.

With a little patience, you’ll quickly develop a bond with the individual you’re just meeting.

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There are times when you meet someone and instantly connect. You feel as if you've known each other your whole lives and can't believe there was a period when you were unaware they existed. And then there are those other connections that need a bit more effort, but you must have heard the saying — when there's a will there's a way.

Aren’t sure what I’m talking about? Well to put it in simple words, there is a technique you may use to encourage a guy to open up a bit more.

To make this process a little easier for…

Your date doesn’t have to be straight out of a rom-com movie, no that stuff is not real but being a little prepared goes a long way.

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The art of making a conversation healthy — No matter how social or outgoing you are, there must come times when it gets hard for you to hold up a conversation and at the same time make sure that your partner is at ease and having a good say in the conversation too.

The thing is, no matter how easy it is for you to meet people and communicate with them, you can never be sure if this is the same scenario that will prevail on your date too, especially if it's the first one.

You might be experienced at…

These questions add to the quality of your conversations, make two people comfortable around each other and eventually increase intimacy.

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The first date is a scary event, not the kind of scary that makes you hide or tremble but the kind that makes you nervous, excited and at the same time a little bit anxious. After a few mindful conversations (or not) you're ready for the next step, i.e to meet your partner.

The time you have decided is already here. The excitement starts to settle and instead gets replaced with uncertainty. You don't know what to do now. What should you do after you meet them? How should you behave? …

If you’re unable to love, there’s a good chance that you are suffering from counter dependency.

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Love, respect, trust and care are the four main pillars of a healthy relationship. Even if one of them is missing, the healthy balance is lost. Whenever we think about a long term relationship, our mind trails down to love itself. Therefore, to say the least, love is essential for not only a relationship but from the viewpoint of psychology, life as well.

But as important as it is to fall in love with someone to have a healthy relationship and happy life, not everyone can get there easily. There are plenty of people who want to be in a…

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