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This is how my monthly views went from 500+ to 50k on an average

I started my journey on medium in August 2020. That being said, I have been a writing enthusiast since, as long as I can remember and an author whose major focus was on chick lit and romance since 2016.

The past year was a year of growth and new experiences for my writing persona. I wanted to diversify my writing skills and this wanting fueled my search for platforms with an inbuilt audience. I came across medium in July, the inbuilt audience, the minimalist design and the ease of getting started here just spoke tons to me.

I took some…

These signs are majorly based on human psychology so they can be applied on the majority of people, if not all.

Someone has recently caught your eyes. Your oxytocin level (also known as the love hormone) is rising and so are your feelings towards them. Your heart tells you to confess your feelings as soon as possible but the brain pushes this thought in the other direction.

You don’t want to get rejected by being straight forward and asking them if they feel the same for you is totally out of question.

You are confused. What should be your next step? …

#2 You don’t necessarily have to be published into a big publication in order to go viral

I have been writing on medium since August 2020. Not too long I know but, since that exact day I have been writing less and instead dedicating my time on learning new things about medium every single day.

Just like most of the newbies, there isn’t a single “How to go viral on medium” articles that I didn’t read. …

It’s better to eliminate undesirable traits rather than wasting time adding more desirable ones to your personality.

When was the last time that you thought about that certain someone who has managed to woo you ? Was it a day ago? an hour ago? 5 minutes? 10 seconds? Well, you are not the first — nor the last one to do so.

It’s likely that most of the people, especially the youth in today’s time, are thinking about it as much as you.

You gush yourself thinking about, why doesn’t this attraction work on both sides and moreover what can you do to make sure it does?

But have you ever given much thought to what you…

No matter how extroverted you are, going on a first date with a stranger who might become your future partner is a scary process.

With the fast pacing online dating world, the notion of first dates never get old. No matter how much information you have on the topic, it is never just enough. You have swiped someone right on your phone, they have done the same thing with you and bamn — It’s a match.

After some time and mindful conversations (or not) you are ready to meet your partner. You feel good. But now the nervousness is creeping in, the first date would be soon over your head and you are not sure what to do?

How are you to behave so…

She keeps her independence above everything else hence, a relationship for her is a healthy and balanced partnership.

Strong woman. The confident lady who always speaks her mind out walks with authority, who has indifferent beliefs but doesn’t shy away from expressing them, who doesn’t bow down to anyone’s wishes, who is proud of her body, mind and everything she stands for but more than any of those, she is the type of person who doesn’t need anybody. Did it ring a bell?

Now, either the above paragraph made you think of a woman who possesses such qualities or made you think about yourself. …

I am very proud of my race but I’m equally proud of my skin colour as well

Hello, I am Shruti Pandita.

The above words are how I introduce myself to others. A pretty simple statement. Just like most people, you must say something similar when encountering someone too, right? I mean everyone does. Usually, people get the same introduction back followed by a greeting like it’s nice to meet you, yes?

Why is she stating those obvious things? Your mind must be already questioning the motive behind my words.

Well to not drag it any further — things have never been the same for me. The replies or greetings have never been like those obvious statements…

I was able to achieve this goal with the help of my daily workout routine which is mentioned in this article in great detail.

2020 was a peculiar year indeed. Almost the entire world went into a complete shutdown and so did my life. My well-planned schedule lost its balance. It felt like everything was turned upside down — My social life was cut short, my sleeping schedule completely disturbed and like most of the people out here, all I did for the first couple of months was eat and watch Netflix.

The next thing I know, I had gained approximately 15.5 pounds of weight in just three months and the numbers kept on increasing. The addition of these digits on my weighing scale…

The solutions and corrective measures mentioned in this article are personally tested and have worked wonders for me.

This year was very hard for all of us, the virus stuck almost every aspect of our lives, starting from our financial conditions to our health and fitness journeys. I, like all of you out there, was not spared from this vicious year either.

My fitness journey was adversely affected as my weight took a jump from 138lbs to 152lbs in just three months.

I was devastated.

I have had major body image issues throughout my teenage years. My weight was 167Ibs (back then), and the unusual proportion of the fat in my body didn’t help either. …

There definitely are good things about the person sitting across the table.

Do you feel like your dating life is in a bit of a slump? Does it feel like everyone who asks you out has only red flags? Are you always on the look for those small green signs that will tell you the person sitting across the table is a keeper or not?

Well, it’s completely normal for you to do so. We all at one or another time in our lives have been there and done that.

The way your date is chewing the food with their mouth open or spilling food everywhere or being rude to the staff…

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